For nine years, we have gone the way from hand-tailoring of raincoats to big factory production. Today we release two seasonal collections a year and several theme lines including clothing, accessories and everyday items. All our products are casual, versatile and functional. This approach is reflected not just in the design of apparel  but in the interiors of our stores, where all forms are laconic, and every detail is thought out and has its own function. 

Today SHU is a chain of six brand stores in Russia with distribution all over the world. We aim to create clothing that helps you feel comfortable and confident, but at the same time leaves you room for self-expression.
The history of SHU started with the idea of creating a colorful raincoat. In 2012, in a small studio in St. Petersburg, Andrey Kravtsov, the founder of the brand, sewed the first hundred raincoats by hand, which laid the ground for all future SHU collections. Versatility, functionality and simplicity has been our key principles since then. The first raincoat was sold on April 1, 2012 and this day is considered SHU's birthday. For the next two and a half years, Andrey did everything by himself — sewing, looking for the necessary materials, doing marketing and promotion.
The first SHU raincoat sewn by Andrey Kravtsov in St. Petersburg in 2012
This year Andrey Kravtsov moved to China and started looking for opportunities for a new stage of SHU development. It took almost two years to establish relationships with Chinese factories and to organize all production processes. Today, the brand's own studio is located in Guangzhou, where SHU team oversees the creation of collections. In 2014 another important event took place — the first SHU store was opened in the Loft Project «Etazhi» in St. Petersburg.
SHU studio in Guangzhou
In 2015, we launched a cotton line of T-shirts and shorts, and this became the beginning of our journey towards a complete look. At this time, SHU team already had several employees. In 2016, for the first time we participated in ‘BRIGHT’, the international trade show in Berlin.
During this period, with the participation of ADEPT.WORKS design studio, we started to develop a new SHU identity. We took time to seriously think about our visual identity, changed the logo and began to work on the reconstruction of our store in «Hlebozavod» in Moscow. The goal was to create a unique interior design that would be in line with SHU philosophy and values.
SHU flagship store in St. Petersburg at 61 Liteyny Avenue
2019 is the beginning of the international distribution of SHU. We participated in several exhibitions including Italian Pitti Uomo, SEEK in Berlin and CIFF in Copenhagen, where we received multiple orders, and as a result, the brand started to be presented in more than 100 stores around the world. Among the countries presenting SHU were Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Japan and others. The same year, together with distributors from Italy and Germany, we opened pop-up stores at Corso Di Porta Ticinese in Milan and in Bikini concept mall in Berlin.

In November 2019, we opened the first SHU flagship store in St. Petersburg on 61 Liteiny prospekt. This has been the largest SHU store so far.
Distributors from Europe
Pop-up store at the BikiniBerlin concept mall in Berlin
In 2020, we opened the first Moscow flagship store on 16 Chistoprudny Boulevard. In the beginning of 2021, we moved to a new spacious office in Moscow, where the main part of SHU team now works and a new sample room is located — samples for future collections are being developed there. Another significant event was the opening of the first SHU ARCHIVE stock store in spring of 2021. We developed this project to support SHU sustainable initiatives. At the end of April, a new store was opened in «Greenwich» shopping mall Yekaterinburg.
Moscow office of SHU